Anime Central Catalog 2019

Littlereddo will be at Dealer's Booth 737 and 739 at Anime Central!


Some merchandise will be limited in stock at convention. First come first serve.


Acrylic double-sided glitter resin - 1 for $12, 4 for $40

Hypnosis Mic NEW (limited stock)

Keychains will not be restocked when sold out this year's convention cycle.



Convention EXCLUSIVE $15

Previous Patreon Food Fantasy Keychains (limited stock)

Cardcaptor Sakura (Clear and Original) NEW $26

King Pudding NEW $12

Houseki no Kuni Pins $15 each

Moon Phos Pin Set $25


Devilman Set (LAST CHANCE) $22

Maji Burger Date Stand $25

Aomine / Kise Winter Date Stand (super low stock) $18 each

Patreon Exclusive Kagami/Kuroko Snow Globe (low limited stock) $18

Vinyl Sticker (limited stock) $6 each / 4 for $20
DVA- currently unavailable!

Plush Toy $25 each

Crepe Kuroko no Basuke $22 (limited stock)


Button Pins - $6 each / 4 for $20

Small Prints/ Square Prints 1 for $8 / 2 for $15

Large Prints 1 for $15 / 3 for $30

Please note that there are many prints that are really old so if there is low availability. If it sells out, I may not reprint!